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devadiet’s delightfully cheap diet shakes are so effective, packed full of high quality goodness and crammed with taste bud popping flavour! But we are so much more than a milkshake diet… we provide an array of low cost meal replacement products of excellence: bars, hot meals, soups & porridge too so that your weight loss journey is one of mouth-watering variety! devadiet makes weight loss a pleasure!

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devadiet provides you with free diet plans to help guide you

We have something to offer everyone who
needs to lose weight! Total Deva & Extra Deva
plans allow you to rapidly burn fat whilst you
indulge yourself in 4-5 delicious devadiet meals
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to replace most of your usual meals & snacks! We also have a sensational Deva Dine plans for those who only want to replace 2-3 meals and snacks a day with devadiet meals! Plus we make the hugely popular 5:2 diet so easy to follow with our great plan!

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By replacing all your usual meals with our scientifically formulated, energy restricted meal replacements you will lose weight and the weight loss will be faster than on a conventional diet! Our shakes, soups and porridges are nutritionally balanced to meet all your daily needs of vitamins & minerals. All our meal replacements are high protein, low fat, low carbohydrate and free from aspartame! Did we mention they also taste delicious? We have to admit our unique very low calorie shakes are better than any others we’ve tried, try for yourself to decide!

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You can find a weight loss plan for your lifestyle & goals. Choose to either replace all or some of your usual food with our delicious meals. See our plans here.

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Weight Loss

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Once you have reached a healthy weight you gradually reintroduce healthy food to your diet.

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devadiet’s core focus is providing you with just high quality delicious products at unbelievably low prices! We put YOU in control of your destiny, so rest assured we will not consume your time with group sessions or phone calls, our focus is on nourishing you with our scrumptious food. Furthermore we let you select precisely which of our delicious calorie controlled meals you would like to have in our discounted deals, from our amazing range of high protein shakes, soups, bars and porridge - meaning every single devadiet order is personalised to our customers’ unique tastes!

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We love to delight our customers with amazing service, the best tasting shakes, exclusive special offers and treat you with free gifts!  We will throw in a free devadiet shake bottle & provide you with an essential devadiet handbook with any first order from a new customer to get you off to a flying start!